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Can My Poor Credit Ruin My Husband's Security Clearance?

Security clearance spouse check blue dating app tai tran Tips Although it is possible that an individuals' credit security clearance spouse check could affect their spouse's government security clearance, it should not be expected. That being said, debts which are shared by spouses may have a larger impact on an individuals application for security clearance. The first type it mentions is a secret clearance. A secret clearance application typically takes about 45 to 60 days spokse process. The FBI performs record checks with federal and local law enforcement agencies.

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But seriously, please, some helpful suggestions would be useful as well if you've ever encountered such an investigation situation as this, I'd appreciate the input from anyone. I've held as high as secret clearance in the past and currently have security clearance lower than that at my current job which required a 7-year history on an SF-85 form. However, I recently married a little over a year ago after being an unmarried single parent for many years and this is the situation I currently find myself involve in. I cannot afford to pay off my spouse's debts, which is why I'm hoping to get a better job.

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By Lindy Kyzer When someone obtains a security clearance, the government is making a decision to allow that person access to classified information. But qualifying for a clearance goes beyond just a single individual.

Top 10 Reasons Security Clearance Applications are Rejected

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