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Do You Remember What “Social” Was Before Facebook? [Infographic]

Social media websites before facebook mudaliar sangam ulsoor bangalore address By Evan Tarver Updated Oct 28, 2018 There were a number of social media networks that captured the attention of consumers, at least for a time. Strategic planning, timing or just plain bad luck contributed the failure of these social media networks to achieve staying power. Three in particular, remain social media websites before facebook memory as fantastic upstarts that swept social media before the term became a part of daily life. Friendster At one point, Friendster was considered the webistes social media site. Instead, Abrams chose to take on venture capital investment and try to grow the company.

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What began as an intimate platform has turned into a social networking giant serving more than 900 million users. Facebook may be cashing in on its intial public offering this week, but it wasn't the first to introduce the world to online social networking — many other sites were once recognized as the most popular. What made them fall by the wayside? For some, it was server instability or lack of financial support to hit the ground running.

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How To Make A Website Like Facebook I Create A Social Network Website

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How Social Networks Have Changed The World!



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