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The Spiritual Purpose of Loneliness During Ascension

Spiritual awakening toxic relationships match by julia cost There may be a multitude of spiritual awakening toxic relationships signs or symptoms that anyone could have during awakening — and no two would ever be the same — but one symptom that I see universally throughout my clients is loneliness. Ironically, we are united in that. I went through it too, and for the most part, I spent my awakening cursing that loneliness, reflecting on the complexity of my experience and wondering how anyone could ever possibly understand what I was spiritual awakening toxic relationships through. I thought somehow I was flawed. In fact, it is this sense of loneliness, and feeling that no one else could possibly understand that adjusts our social circles and life conditions.

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It sweeps through our lives on every level. It can affect us mentally, materially, physically or spiritually. A battery of emotions usually accompanies it, as even a positive change brings stress into our lives. A spiritual awakening is an intensely private change in which you become more in sync with your inner self or soul. Some people begin to talk to themselves in a subconscious effort to reach their soul for its knowledge.

SPIRITUAL AWAKENING: Should We Cut Ties With 'Unawakened' Or 'Toxic' Family Members & Friends?

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Suddenly everything has to change, and your first inclination may be to get out of the relationship that you're in. Take a moment. Initially, when someone awakens and begins to become conscious to themselves and life, you become aware of many things that aren't aligned with the truth. More importantly, you become aware of all the things that aren't aligned right within you.

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10 SIGNS OF A TOXIC RELATIONSHIP~CHAT #Nixawake #toxicrelationship

Why Do Relationships Fall Apart During A Spiritual Awakening?

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Every time you are around them the situation is always about them, their issues, their victimhood, their chaos. We all have people in our lives like that.



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