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How Realm is Better Compared To SQLite

Sqlite select performance love language quiz pdf I ended my last sqlite select performance with a connection class that sported an open method for creating or opening a database file, as well as an execute method for ad sqlite select performance queries. I could then simply write something like this. connection c; c. In such cases you might not want qslite deal with a physical file on disk.

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Architecture Realm does not use SQLite as its engine, rather it is a database built from scratch to run directly on phones, tablets, and wearables. Easy to Use Realm is easy to use as it uses objects for storing data. Realm data models are defined using normal Java classes that are a subclass of RealmObject.

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SQLite may seem like a very appealing option when first designing a feature. However, when choosing storage formats, we have to keep in mind that SQLite is a powerful and reliable database and that it comes with a lot of hidden complexity.

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