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Startup & Entrepreneurs Meet & Mixture - April 2019

Startup meetups in pune how to ask a girl if you have a chance with her He is a much sought after expert in Mobile and cloud technologies in the customer and developer community. Ajay is startup meetups in pune seasoned Engineer and has lead several product teams to deliver products in the area of Cloud, Mobile and Security. Ajay is very passionate about bringing joy to developers who use the products he builds!

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Agri tech startup - Agrostar

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Amidst the heavy rains, FinTech folks from Pune attended this meetup full of energy and enthusiasm. The presentation highlighted the massive FinTech investments made by big banks and Internet companies, key factors driving FinTech innovation, regulations in FinTech, developments in India highlighting the payments infrastructure, Aadhar, and contributions by NPCI.

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Unbound her women entrepreneurs meetup in EngineerBabu

Startups Raising Funds Live at Young Turks TiE The Knot 2 - CNBC TV18

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