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Why 'Keeping Score' Ruins Relationships

Stop keeping score meaning best ipad apps for farm management For the most part, I enjoyed playing host. Then certain things started to bother me. People would constantly be eating my snacks, and I would constantly be cleaning up after stop keeping score meaning when they left. Day after day, I would provide my friends with food. They would make a mess eating it while sitting on my bed.

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Neither of these are good scenarios and keeping score of what the other person is doing or not doing or what you are doing or not doing slowly erodes the love that you have for your partner and creates a dynamic that threatens the health of the relationship in the future. The problem with keeping score, however, is that you miss some very important in immeasurable things that both of you bring to the relationship. There will be times when you do carry more of the burden, and there will be times when your partner does.

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January 19, 2015 Instead of keeping score, give in your own way because you want to. We don't mean to, but we do it all the time. That unconscious tally—what you did, what I did. What I did that you didn't do.

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Who gets the most attention? Who did most of the cleaning in the house? Who bought the most presents?

Why Keeping Score is Killing Your Relationship

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