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Are You Seeing More Friend Requests On Facebook?

Sudden increase in facebook friend requests christian view on saying i love you By Steven C. Phillips, Komando. You'll see things like upcoming birthdays, events your friends are going to and a plethora of other random activities from everyone you know. Twitter Advertisement Facebook is all about connecting with other people and making friends. Yet friend requests are delicate and can quickly get you in trouble with Facebook. It really does help knowing the unwritten rules. Zuckerberg, I thought that he was a charming, polite guy.

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why am i getting friend requests all of a sudden

However, in the beginning of 2019, we can still see how active this issue is. The techniques used by scammers hardly changed — they either create fake profiles or malicious apps to send friend requests and scam users or their friends.

why am i getting so many friend requests on facebook 2019

Fake friend requests ?

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