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Super Junior's Sungmin and Kim Sa Eun Reveal Their Wedding Invitation Photos

Sungmin wedding photo roblox games with the most oders Following their rather sungmin wedding photo announcement that they will be getting married next month, Sungmin wedding photo Eun and Sungmin have unveiled photos of their wedding invitation which has drawn the attention of a lot of fans due to its uniqueness. Like Us on Facebook Advertisement On the first photo, the celebrity couple can be seen wearing vintage high school uniforms, looking young and youthful like high school loves as they sat on a bench. Sungmin wedding photo straight into the camera, Sa Eun and Sungmin tilted their heads to the right, giving the image an adorable feel weddiny it which gave off the impression of young love. A pink wfdding green cloud positioned near the couple with their names written in Chinese characters while the date, time and location of the occasion has also been listed on the lower right side of the photo. On the new photo that the couple has revealed recently shows their wedding pictorial which also had the details of their wedding on the corner.

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I am just overjoyed. The two had previously been in a musical together last September and have been in a relationship since then. Our Sungmin. Our prince of aegyo.

[REACTs] Super Junior Sungmin apologizes - "I won't participate in this comeback album for the fans"

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Super Junior Leeteuk Blames Himself For Sungmin’s Scandal!

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