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How to get to St Petersburg from Helsinki, Tallinn, Stockholm and Riga

Tallinn to st petersburg ferry time how old is anakin in the clone wars tv show Of course, you can take a plane and get to St Petersburg within about 4 hours. Bear in mind that if you travel by bus or train you are likely to enter Russia the day before you arrive in Tallinn to st petersburg ferry time Petersburg or Moscow. And vice versa, you leave Russia the day after you leave St Petersburg or Moscow. Make sure your Russian visa covers these days. Photo by Danila Medvedev Tourists arriving by ships or ferries in St Petersburg can stay here no more than 72 hours without a visa, if they meet certain requirements. Posts. 19,846 How to Book You can book the St. Peter Line ferry tickets yourself directly on their website. It looks slightly confusing at first, but it turned out to be very easy.

pm2am Student Trips - St Petersburg, Stockholm, Helsinki, Tallinn (Visa-Free Cruise) / Christmas

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