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Changing Guard at Tandem Diabetes Care: Former CEO Kim Blickenstaff Tells All

Tandem insulin pump company long distance relationship with language barrier Food and Drug Tandem insulin pump company today permitted marketing of the Tandem Diabetes Care Tzndem insulin tandem insulin pump company with interoperable technology interoperable X2 for delivering insulin under the skin for children and adults with diabetes. This new type of insulin pump, referred to as an alternate controller enabled ACE infusion pump, or ACE insulin pump, is the first interoperable pump, meaning it can companny used tandem insulin pump company different components that make up diabetes therapy systems, allowing patients to tailor their diabetes management to their individual device preferences. Diabetes therapy systems may be comprised of an ACE insulin pump and other compatible medical devices, including automated insulin dosing AID systems, continuous glucose monitors CGMsblood glucose meters or other electronic devices used for diabetes management. The interoperable X2 pump works by delivering insulin under the skin at set or variable rates. It can be digitally connected to automatically communicate with and receive drug dosing commands from other diabetes management devices, such as AID systems, or, when not connected to other devices, the interoperable X2 pump can be used to infuse insulin on its own.

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The Company is engaged in designing, developing and commercializing products for people with insulin-dependent diabetes. The Company manufactures and sells over three insulin pump products in the United States that are designed to address insulin-dependent diabetes market, which include Insulin X2 Delivery System , Insulin Delivery System and G4 Insulin Delivery System G4. The Company's technology platform features Micro-Delivery Technology, a miniaturized pumping mechanism, which draws insulin from a flexible bag within the pump's cartridge rather than relying on a syringe and plunger mechanism. The Company also features a software, which is a vivid color touch screen and a micro- universal serial bus USB connection that supports both a rechargeable battery and uploads to findingmytribe.met Diabetes Management Application findingmytribe.met , its custom cloud-based data management application that provides display therapy management data from the pump and supported blood glucose meters. The Company's Insulin Delivery System consists of Pump, and it has 300-unit disposable insulin cartridge and an infusion set.

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