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Victoria Caputo Is Not on 'Long Island Medium' Anymore But You Can Still Follow Her on Instagram

Theresa caputo daughter age cincinnati dating scene Caputo is a reality TV personality who portrays the medium in the TLC show, through which she became famous. With a theresa caputo daughter age of things said about her as a thereza of the show including bringing her integrity and person to question, there are so many things about her that still remain unknown. While nothing is said about what her mother did, her father worked as a firefighter with the Fire Department of New York. Unlike many kids who at the age of 4 theresa caputo daughter age start finding names for their favorite toys, that was the age that Caputo had started feeling, sensing, and even seeing spirits.

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Forget how much time Larry spends concealing his eye rolls at the rest of the family — her kids definitely have it the roughest. Take how embarrassing your mom was in your teen and college years, and multiply it by about a thousand to account for the fact that she constantly stops to talk to strangers in public about their dead relatives. Do you feel for these poor children yet?

The Untold Truth Of Theresa Caputo

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Behind the Read: A Reading for a Newborn Baby - Long Island Medium

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