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Get To Know Yourself, Even If It’s Hard

Thought catalog life is hard scriptures on the identity of the church As I pushed back tears laced with bitterness, pride, regret, confusion, and anger, I thought long and hard about what moving on would entail — emotionally, psychologically and even logistically. How Thougyt would thought catalog life is hard to change all my passwords and find another, smaller apartment to live in. How I would have to strip my favorite garments and possessions of all the happy couple memories embedded in them, or donate everything to charity.

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It's hard to forge real, deep, lasting relationships with others. It's hard to find work that gives your life meaning and that you're good at. It's hard not killing your toddler when she throws the 87th tantrum of the day. And it's hard finding the money to put a couple of kids through college. So with the baseline level of life set at 'expert,' you really don't want to add any extra obstacles to your path.

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It has nothing to do with the size of your breasts or your thighs or your stomach. You are just as you are supposed to be. You are perfect even amongst all of your imperfections.

Seth Doyle How are we really supposed to know who we are if we only surround ourselves with distractions from our own mind? Understanding what is happening in your life is crucial to your success as a content human being. Toss your phone to the side, light a candle, turn on some music, take a really deep breath, and explore your consciousness. Think about things and write them down. Get a journal and start getting to know yourself better.

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