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Sep 3, 2011, 07.40 pm 102 people marked this as a favorite. H'okay, Azlant. As far as the defunct civilizations of Golarion go, we've probably been given the most information, but it's scattered around various sources, and in nowhere are we given a clear picture what life was like or a clear extent of the empire. So on that note, this is my attempt to congeal useful and interesting factoids on Azlant and the Azlanti, and provide sources, since the PathfinderWiki is more than a bit outdated and incomplete on the matter. From this, I hope to be able to make non-canonical but logical extensions, hypotheses, and perhaps even a supposition or two.

PMC Survival -- Cavalry Scout Guide (Undead Assault Chronicles)

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Warcraft III: Undead Assault 2 - Umbrella Mode Solo Ghost



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