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What's Going On? Understanding Fibromyalgia

Understanding fibromyalgia for employers singles night houston Listen From the desk of Understanding fibromyalgia for employers SmallM. It is characterized by chronic, widespread, musculoskeletal pain and is often accompanied by issues with memory, mood, sleep, and fatigue. These symptoms can cause difficulties in all aspects of life, including work. Often, there can be confusion as to how fibromyalia accommodate fibromyalgia in the workplace. When thinking about accommodations, it can be easy to categorize types of limitations that understanding fibromyalgia for employers to be associated with a physical disability or cognitive impairment.

fibromyalgia limitations

If you have health insurance through work, keeping your job assumes double the importance. So what steps should you take once you are diagnosed with fibromyalgia? The answer to this question is not simple, nor can any single answer apply to everyone.

What Are Your Tips For Dealing With Fibromyalgia And Working A Physically Demanding Job?

explaining fibromyalgia to employer

It's a complex condition, and because it involves the brain and nervous system, it can have an impact on virtually every part of the body. When someone's in pain, there should be an obvious cause, right?

fibromyalgia symptoms

struggling to work with fibromyalgia

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