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US: recession risks to increase only in 2019

Us recession probability 2019 iseq 20 tracker The U. The yield curve, measured by 10-year and 3-month relative yields, has been inverted now ptobability 12 days. Global bond yields, which were low in May, have continued to move lower. We think it is safe to say the bond market us recession probability 2019 to be jumping up and down, indicating there is a rising risk of recession in the near term. Adding to this chorus are the U.

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The shape of the U. For the past 60 years, each U. Timing is however unknown. Our long-term yields proprietary model shows that the current flat shape of the yield curve is likely to stay.

Recession 2019 / 2020 Well The Fed Thinks There is Now A 27% Chance After Index Surges

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Since the fourth quarter of 2018, we had been of the view that a US recession was not imminent. Even when the yield on 10-year US Treasuries dipped below that of 3-month Treasuries in December and again in March, we did not believe that there was an immediate cyclical signal.

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Should we anticipate a recession in 2019?

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