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USD to INR – U.S. Dollar / Indian Rupee Exchange Rates

Usd to inr rate comparison online dating messaging red flags The Indian currency pared some of the losses it incurred on Thursday, and rose from its record closing low in opening trade today and ended on sharply higher note. Rupee hit an all-time closing low of 68. The Indian rupee, which strengthened 5. The comparieon oil prices play an important role in local unit's price since India meets its over 75 percent of oil requirements through imports. There are, however, usd to inr rate comparison related factors that have not only caused but expedited the downfall of India rupee in this year. Story Why rupee may breach 75 mark against US dollar anytime soon With volatility in the market taking a toll on indices and individual stocks this year, the Indian rupee came under severe pressure and hit its all-time low of 73. Of late, the fall in Indian currency can be attributed to global and domestic cues. Brokerages have become cautious setting lower targets for rupee due to deteriorating conditions for the currency at home and abroad.

US dollars to Indian rupee exchange rate from 2005 to 2018.

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