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Vietnam War veterans reflect on friendship, bonds at commemoration

Vietnam war friends alanna digiovanni instagram When he left for Vietnam in late 1968, he was mentally and physically prepared for battle. On Feb. I was laying on my back on top of another wounded Vietnam war friends. Lee knelt down and asked me having to scream vietnam war friends the roar of the firefight where my battle dressing was, seeing that I was bleeding. They would sit side by side at Dodger stadium, two old men in a sea of blue. The friends never imagined that after high school both would be sent to Vietnam — but only one would return. But the past can only stay buried for so long.

From massive moments of traditional warfare like Operation Junction City, to battles in defense of exposed and vulnerable Marine bases along the Demilitarized Zone like Con Thien, to stealthy long-range reconnaissance patrols — American forces across the length and breadth of South Vietnam sought to bring overwhelming firepower to bear on their North Vietnamese and Viet Cong foes. Although outgunned, the Communist enemy doggedly fought on, resulting in 11,363 U. South Vietnamese forces suffered over 12,000 dead and 30,000 wounded.

Vietnam War-Why can't we be friends[War]

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Stories of Enemies Who Became Friends



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