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Wd tv live firmware checkmate club nyc reviews However, it took a while to become a champ. I've been testing this unit since the end of last year and experienced some problems with it; it wasn't until a recent firmware update that I was able to use it properly within my network environment. The WD TV Live is a small unit that can decode pretty much any type of video and audio file you throw wd tv live firmware it. I had no problems with the unit's picture and audio quality during my tests, but I was beset with wd tv live firmware from the outset when trying to play video files over my wireless network.

wd tv live custom firmware 2018

Ripped and downloaded music and playlists with album art , pictures from my digital camera stored on USB adaptors and my home network, High Def and Low Def movie rips. The media server even allowed you to toggle between audio tracks that were present in your media file. This thing is amazing!

wd tv live custom firmware 2018

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WDTV LIVE Custom Firmware Installation Guide

wd tv live firmware update 2019



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