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15 Male Celebrities You Didn’t Know Are Slavic

Weird looking male actors upcoming taylor kitsch movies The Godfather actor was handsome, talented, and also known for being a bit out there in his personal weird looking male actors. He also wanted Jor-El, his Superman character, to be a green actorz that spoke in Brando's voice. Brando was also notorious for his unconventional eating habits, which often involved binge-eating honey buns and milk and then crash-dieting before shooting films.

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But the guy has characteristics that make him look like a bird. His narrow face shape, coupled with pointy features give him an avian appearance. Also, the fact that he tends to take more obscure, indie roles prevents him from being among the Hollywood heartthrobs. The guy has no eyebrows! Like, none at all!

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In the same amount of time, only three young men have achieved that milestone. Heath Ledger, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Ryan Gosling. Obviously, there are many, many, many male actors under the age of 25 in Hollywood — even if they're not getting nominated for Oscars.

21 Short And Sexy Male Celebrities

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Email 1. Beau is 28, with a puffy, amiable head of hair and mischievous eyes. In 2006, he was in Scary Movie 4—that was kind of his big break.



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