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Why some men should never grow a beard

Whose beard am i petting tracey e. bregman husband The lush, bushy beard, as we all know it, has succumbed to a swift death and there's now a rampant fear that the lumbersexual may be at the brink of extinction. Blame it on the times, whose beard am i petting summer, the melting glaciers or geard yuccies. Whatever the case, it's clear that we're living in a different era, one in which millennials are opting for a sleeker, cleaner and minimal look. The Greatest Shave in the History of Shaves Just think what some of the greats could have accomplished, if only they'd been properly groomed Apr 15, 2011 Just think what some of the most famous bearded men of all time could have accomplished, if only they'd been properly groomed. Now, thanks to the magic of Photoshop, imagine doing better. They were pioneers of hair removal, using pieces of honed copper or bronze to shave off their whiskers. While Tutankhamun himself is often shown sporting a long, braided goatee, it's also said to have been fake.

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That is the question men ask when moving in for a kiss. We turned to the partners who get it for a list of the best things about kissing with a beard, and they gave us no shortage of reasons why kissing men with beards is always better. Here are some of the top rationales.

Petting Rhett's Beard

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