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6 Reasons Why Men Really Cheat

Why do married men have long term affairs no second date after a week There's never a good excuse for engaging in an affair with someone who is married. But it does happen. And at the end of the day, women who become mistresses or "the other woman" are our daughters, sisters, aunts, mothers, wives, and neighbors. They are women within our communities. The reality is that while married men have more affairs than married women —The difference is not that great. Young and Alexander in their 2012 book, The Chemistry Between Us . Love, Sex and the Science of Attraction accept a rough estimate of 30 to 40 percent infidelity in marriage for men and women. The other reality is that while extra-marital affairs by definition involve a romantic and emotional relationship that has a sexual or sexualized component, research suggests that sexual drive is not the primary reason married men have affairs. Based on interviews with 200 cheating and non-cheating husbands, M.

Why Do Men Cheat?

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Dec 1, 2017 Getty Images Cheating happens. And according to Dr.

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Violence and Abuse An affair is a romantic and emotionally intense sexual or emotional relationship with someone other than your spouse or partner. Generally, affairs do not last long though there are exceptions and occur between two people who are not married or otherwise committed to one another. Sex may or may not be involved in an affair, and cyber affairs can happen between two people who may never even meet one another. Defining "Affair" Typically, an affair is considered a betrayal of trust.



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