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50 Things to Do Indoors in NJ

Winter date ideas westchester ny sierra dallas wedding date The Saugerties Lighthouse was built in 1835 to facilitate navigation on the river and is still carrying out that role. Meticulously maintained and restored, it is also a living museum and a proud witness to more romantic times. You can visit the lighthouse tower castells de catalunya see the still functioning but modernized mechanism as well as magnificent vistas of the winter date ideas westchester ny and its surroundings. Visiting Hudson Beach Glass studio is even more fascinating. You can see four artists who founded the studio in 1987 at work or even try your hand at making your own Christmas ornaments at one of their many courses and demonstrations.

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Check out these great indoor kids activities to keep the brood busy when the weather keeps you inside. Instead of climbing the walls, get them in a harness and have them do some rock climbing. Enjoy the comforts of a heated pool at an indoor water park or swimming pool. Learn to skate, or show off your triple lutz at an ice skating rink. Get your skate on at one of these great roller rinks.

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