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World web playing cards museum witty replies to whats up Description Toledo pattern cards from 1574. They are closely related to the Seville and Franco-Spanish patterns. The earliest record of naip comes from a Catalan rhyming dictionary by Jaume March II in 1371, but without any context or definition. By 1380, naipero muswum was a recognized profession. In December 1382, card games were banned from being played world web playing cards museum Barcelona 's corn exchange.

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Zwietasch The Queen of Stages, like all the people in the Stuttgart Playing Cards, has a "round, smooth" face that projects the "insouciance of a world free from worry or strife," writes the Cloister's online exhibition guide. Her counterpart ladies-in-waiting appear in the other suits of the deck, which feature Germany, Bohemia and Hungary. Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna The Queen of Collars reigns over her card from the Cloisters Playing Cards, a set that has been dated to around 1475-80 and attributed to the Burgundian Netherlands.

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Образовалась толпа растерянных, неустроенных людей - командировочные, туристы. Многих из них отыскали в отелях, на улицах без вещей, без билетов, без денег.

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ИВАН Я что, в Москве. ТАДЖИЧКА Нет. Не Москва.



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