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Wythenshawe Hospital is condemned after Kim Lindfield kills herself on the ward

Wythenshawe hospital staff uniforms choi jung won singer wife They also protect buildings and valuable equipment. This page has information on the role of security staff in the NHS, including entry requirements and skills needed. Working life The NHS takes security very seriously.

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Page Content If you come into hospital it can sometimes feel a bit like an alien environment. You're lying in a hospital bed wondering what's going to happen next. Who are these people who keep coming and going on the ward. It can be very confusing, we want to show you what some of the uniforms mean, who the staff are and the sorts of things they do. They manage a number of wards, working closely with ward managers on the standards of care and the ward environment.

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UHSM, Britain's Greenest Hospital, Ashden Award winner

Having an MR scan at Manchester Royal Infirmary