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How Active Camouflage Will Make Small Drones Invisible

X47b pegasus optical stealth online dating kauai This was also referred to as general artificial intelligence GAI by The Economist, and previously discussed in x47b pegasus optical stealth blog. We humans also exhibit a tendency to anthropomorphize, or to endow any observed object with human qualities. Nor is that kind of autonomy the stuff of the distant future. Paul Selva, vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. This exhibits a fundamental fear, and I believe a misconception, about the capabilities of these technologies. The problem with stealth aircraft is that they're very rarely completely stealthy. Sure, these planes can hide under certain circumstances, but anyone with a pair of binoculars who knows what to look for will be able to spot one approaching. The problem with stealth technology, as with camouflage in general, is that it stops being effective the moment you start moving.


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The X 47B Pegasus, Best Military UCAV

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